Psychic Development II

Psychic Development II Workshop

Days: 2
Times: 10.00am - 5.00pm
Cost: $300.00

This is an interactive weekend allowing for Q & A throught.

This weekend is for those people ready to go to the next level of psychic development where you will learn how to raise your vibration and to go higher, allowing communication with those on the other side.

It will be a weekend of healing to release old programs, thoughts and blocks that prevent you from achieving your highest potential and finding your life path. There will be many activations throughout the workshop to assist with your ascension process.

As you release all that is holding you back, you will be shown how to connect to the Higher Beings of Light opening you to speak the amazing gift of Light Language.

The need for, and the different kinds of Psychic Protection will be discussed and tried throughout the weekend.

Psychic Exercises

You will learn exercises to help strengthen your psychic abilities.

Psychic Development II Workshop - 28th & 30th July 2023

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