Psychic Development

Psychic Development Workshops

Days: 2
Times: 10.00am - 5.00pm
Cost: $300.00
Prerequisite: None
Equipment: Cards - Oracle/Angel, Photos, Jewellery

This is a very interactive Workshop allowing for Q & A throughout.

Everyone is psychic, but just as everyone can sing, some do it better than others. With guidance, training and practice, you too, will be able to recognise and intuit the messages you receive from your Guides and the Spiritual Realm.

During this two day workshop you will develop your own psychic abilities with our gentle exercises and meditations to remove blockages that have been preventing you from Spirit communication.

Judy will discuss how the spiritual realm works to awaken people to their own psychic powers and intuition. How your chakras work (the seven main energy centres) and the importance of meditation and psychic protection. This is followed by a beautiful meditation to open your psychic channels.

She discusses how to recognise the difference between Divine messages and messages from the ego. Different kinds of psychic protection will be discussed and you will be given the keys to connecting with the spiritual realm. She will discuss how the messages come through, the symbology and metaphors that your guides will use to help with your readings.

Responsibility and Integrity as a Reader is discussed, as is the joys and pitfalls. The role of the Lightworker will be discussed and how to manifest everything you want for yourself. There will be Questions & Answers sessions and the workshop will end with a manifesting ceremony.

You will leave the workshop with the knowledge of how to connect to the Spiritual Realm and conduct readings for yourself and others.

Topics Covered

Psychic Protection

Ascension Symptoms

We will help explain many of the unusual things that you may have been experiencing and feeling.

Card Readings

You will hone your skills with your Tarot or Angel decks and learn how to tell the story in a free and flowing manner. Learn how to intuitively read the cards and get so much more from them than just "the book" meaning. Bring your cards with you.


The art of using a piece of jewellery or metal object belonging to the person you wish to do a reading for.

Automatic Writing

Calling on the assistance of an Archangel or Ascended Master we will receive messages and write them down without judgment.

Remote Readings

Remote reading is the art of doing a reading via distance. This can be via letter, email, telephone and photos. During this workshop we will be using letters and photos to practice. Bring some photos with you.


The art of manifesting abundance will be discussed along with the usual questions ie “how much should I charge” for a reading, healing etc.

Connecting to the Spiritual Realm & Working with Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters

Judy explains how to connect to the spiritual realm and how to invoke the Angels or Ascended Masters you wish to work with.

Meditation, Chakras & Psychic Protection

Meditation is the foundation for all esoteric work, for it is during this time, when the mind is still, that you become centred and become one with the spiritual realm.

The chakras (energy system) will be discussed and its role while conducting readings and connecting to the spiritual realm.

The need for, and the different kinds of Psychic Protection will be discussed and tried throughout the weekend.

Psychic Exercises

You will learn exercises to help strengthen your psychic abilities.

Psychic Development Workshop - 3rd & 4th June 2023

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