judy sweeney

judy sweeney

I was psychic as a child and grew up in a household where mum held seances, didn’t everyone? When you are a child you think everyone is the same, so when I went to school and found no one else knew the things I knew, or could see the things I saw, I shut it down. Mum stopped doing seances and I didn’t think much more about it. I would still get messages for myself and still knew when things were going to happen, i.e., when mum and dad were going to win a trip away and when my boyfriend was going to have an accident on his bike. But I didn’t think much of it, that was everyday stuff to me.

I always loved having readings and reading novels that contained elements of the metaphysical in them, it was always there, never far from the surface. My sister and I would have readings and they would always tell her she was psychic; they never did say that to me, and I would get annoyed that they hadn’t.

Fast forward to 1995, I was married to a wonderful man and had 3 gorgeous children when my marriage started falling apart. In six months, it went from perfect, to “I have to get out of here.” I kept asking, why, why why? I was to get my answer to that in a couple of years’ time.

I had remarried and was very happy, but things kept going wrong and it seemed that no matter what we did, life just kept giving us lemons. Then to top it off my mother-in-law passed away. The problem was that I knew she was going to die that night, I knew we were going to get the call from the hospital. I knew that by the time we got to the hospital, she would be already gone. And she was.

I felt responsible because I knew, it felt like it was my fault, that I had caused it and I couldn’t shake that feeling. I needed a reading badly, however my finances didn’t allow for a reading at the time, things were tough. My sister shouted me a reading for my birthday, see took me to see a lovely lady on the Central Coast (we were in the Blue Mountains). She gave me a little healing before the reading and then the first thing she said to me was “Do you know how psychic you are?” to which I replied “Yes.” She told me that my life would continue to be hell until I did what I was supposed to be doing. I just looked at her and asked, “What’s that?” She replied, “This.” After telling her I wouldn’t know how, she told me to meditate. My response was that I had been there, done that and couldn’t meditate. She just said, “You’ll learn,” and continued with the remainder of the reading.

I felt so much better after the healing. I suggested my hubby have a healing to help him with his grief as he was very close to his mum. He had several, and one day came back with a magazine called Southern Crossings. In this magazine was an article on Reiki, not about the healing aspects of Reiki, but the Spiritual development that Reiki opens you to. This was back when PCs were coming into the home and we had not long bought one, so one we got and dialled up the internet and searched Reiki. Up popped Atlantis Rising, again on the Central Coast, they were having a Reiki-Seichem I workshop in 3 weeks which we booked in for, we were like cats on a hot tin roof, so excited.

When we arrived, we were asked what brought us there. I replied, “To open my psychic ability.” Learning Reiki was the most amazing thing, after being attuned, my Reiki Master told me to put my hands above the person on the table and as soon as I did that, I felt the energy coming from my hands. That day started my new career. Reiki was almost an obsession, our poor children were our guinea pigs, they got lots of healing and we practiced on each other all the time. The rest of the time was spent learning, I couldn’t get enough. I devoured books and learned that the beautiful smell that was always with me was my Spirit Guide and that I now could communicate to him on a different level. Wow. It was a remembering, our Reiki Masters said they had never seen anyone learn so much so quickly. We had our Master’s training in six months.

Hmm what about the psychic abilities you might ask. I had bought a program of ‘How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities’ just after the first Reiki attunement, which went totally over my head, I had no idea what they were talking about, so it got put away and I focussed on the healing. One night about six months after our Master attunement, I was woken with a message to get out the tapes and do the training. The next night I woke to the same message. The following night the same thing happened, finally I said, “Okay, I will get it out.” So there started my journey into the psychic side of things. My beautiful hubby had given me my first set of Tarot cards, the Rider Waite deck, again I couldn’t make any sense of them, so I let them be and continued listening and working with the tapes. I had a long train ride to and from work every day, so it gave me plenty of time.

I really wanted to be able to read the Tarot, but was so frustrated learning from the book, it just didn’t resonate with me. Seeing my frustration, my hubby mentioned a lady that used to live up the road from us before we moved, and suggested I give her a call. I did, and as soon as I told her I was trying to learn from the book, she told me to stop right there. She asked if I was intuitive, and I told her I was. She asked me to come to her place on Saturday afternoon for a couple of hours. She was wonderful, showing me how to use the cards intuitively as apposed to the book meaning. Those three hours changed everything.

By this time, I was working full time, had three teenagers, teaching Reiki on the weekends, and seeing clients in the evening, it was full on, and I kept asking the universe to allow me to work four days and then three days so that I could do my spiritual work. Well, the universe went one step further and made me redundant. That is what happens when you aren’t taking the hints it gives you more seriously.

It was very difficult to shift the mindset from having to have a “real” job, so every morning I got up and got onto My Career to apply for jobs. I did not get one interview. I had always gotten every job I applied for, so this was a very new experience. In the meantime, I was still practicing my tarot and learning the Egyptian Cartouche. Six weeks on and still no job interview when my hubby said, “Perhaps its time you realised that that is not the type of work you’re meant to be doing now.”

Thanks, universe, for throwing me in the deep end. I had to do this somehow, so it was practice, practice, and more practice. I had no-one to read for, so I practiced reading for people in the news and it was good to see the outcome of situations being reflected in the cards. One day after doing my practice readings I felt the urge to open the local paper while having a coffee, and there at the bottom of the page was a 3 line ad asking for readers for a psychic fair. Without thinking I picked up the phone and rang the lady organising it. She asked me about my experience, of which I had none but spoke of being a Reiki Master. She asked me to be there at 9.00am on the morning of the fair which a photo and blurb about what I do.

It felt right, but I was terrified that someone would be able to read the cards better than me, so I decided to use the Egyptian Cartouche. If anyone could read them, well good on them as they were only symbols. The first lady that walked into the fair picked me, of all the readers that were there she picked me, no hiding now. So, I handed over my cards and asked her to shuffle. She handed them back to me and I laid them out. Nothing. I got absolutely nothing. I closed my eyes and said, “God please help me do this reading,” and, suddenly, it was like receiving a download. I am a channel, nothing more, nothing less. This was the beginning of my psychic career.
I travelled around the state doing lots of regional fairs and my first goal was to be invited to read at the Mind Body Spirit in Sydney. That happed within 12 months, and I read at the MBS for many years and still have clients that I first read there, over 20 years later. I also read at Living Energies in Parramatta for a few years as well before concentrating on my own practice in the Mountains.

We lived in the Blue Mountains for 17 years, where I worked from home holding workshops as well as seeing individual clients. I had a wonderful business with wonderful clients and friends, then hubby decides he wanted to retire and live by the water. That was met with stubborn Scorpio refusal, for a while anyway. Eventually I gave in, and we moved to Port Stephens, in quiet little Tanilba Bay.

It has been rough going moving so far away, rebuilding the business, not knowing anyone. But it is where I am supposed to be. The light and the energy of being near the water is amazing, enabling much higher frequencies to be channelled. I have now met some wonderful people, taught the most amazing women and some men and I have the best clients in the world.

Spirit continues to teach me every day. New ways of healing, new ways of connecting, new ways of helping people open to their own abilities. I am very blessed to be doing what I love to do and cannot ever imagine not doing it.
To be able to help people heal, either through readings, healings, Light Language or to help them recognise who they truly are, is an absolute blessings and I am grateful every day for what I have, who I am and what I do.

Thank you, my beautiful husband Mark, without you, none of this would have been available to me, for setting me on my path, for being my greatest champion and supporter, for keeping me safe and protected and provided for. I miss you every day.

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