Spiritual Healing & Pleiadian Lemurian Light Healing

Are you ready to heal?

It is now time for everyone to heal from all pain and misery that is of a lower vibrational frequency, leaving the old behind, allowing us to move into the much higher frequencies of 2014/2015 and on.

The new frequencies are not able to tolerate the lower vibration of the pain and misery of old and the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light are working closely with all those that are able to hold their strong healing energies, to clear as much as we are able and bring in a higher light quotient, divine love and endless joy to all those that are ready and on their ascension path, often enabling them to be able to find their life purpose on mother Earth.

The use of Toning and the Language of Light (the language of the Soul) will also be a part of this healing.

This is a very deep healing process. Healing is achieved through understanding of when, where and how the problem began and the releasing of the trauma to the realisation that it will no longer have a hold on the newer, higher vibrational you. Your DNA will be activated allowing you to receive the higher light quotient which enables you to manifest your desires much more quickly as well as helping you find your divine life purpose. Your crystalline body with be cleared and your chakras with be cleaned and balanced.

After the session you will be left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, sometimes awed, but always with a deeper connection with your divine self and a knowledge that you are to do more to help yourself in the future.

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