Reiki Seichem I

Reiki-Seichem I

Days: 1
Times: 10.00am - 5.00pm
Cost: $150.00
Prerequisite: None

The workshop starts with an overview of Reiki & Seichem and brief explanation of how Judy came to be doing this work, a discussion on the metaphysical causation of dis-ease in the body and the chakra system. This is followed by a beautiful meditation and the Reiki-Seichem I attunement.

Following the Reiki-Seichem attunement you will be able to channel the Reiki-Seichem energy and have the ability to heal yourself and others, your pets and plants.

The rest of the day is take up with hands on training using the Reiki-Seichem energy. You will learn how to give a full Reiki-Seichem treatment, including how to scan the body for blockages and how to clear and balance the chakras as well as the Reiki hand positions.

All students will have experience of both giving and receiving a Reiki-Seichem treatment.

A comprehensive manual is included in the workshop fee and Certificates are issued at the end of the workshop.

Topics Covered

The Reiki-Seichem hand positions
A complete Reiki-Seichem treatment for self and others
Metaphysical Causations
Clearing and balancing the Chakras
Reiki for Animals and Plants

Reiki Seichem I Workshop 23rd March 2024

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