Reiki Seichem II

Reiki-Seichem II

Days: 1
Times: 10.00am - 5.00pm
Cost: $300.00
Prerequisite: Reiki-Seichem I

A Reiki-Seichem II workshop begins with a discussion of experiences you have had since your Reiki-Seichem I workshop and answering of any questions you may have.

This is followed by a meditation and the Reiki-Seichem II attunement to open you further to the Reiki rays which enables you to channel stronger healing energy, strengthening your connection to spirit and your Reiki Guides.

You will learn the three Reiki Symbols and five Seichem Symbols, what they do, and how to use them in a Reiki II treatment.

You will learn different ways of doing distant healing, sending healing forward and backward in time as well as anywhere in the world.

A comprehensive manual is included in the workshop fee and Certificates are issued at the end of the workshop.

Topics Covered

Symbols in Healing
Distant Healing
Giving a complete Reiki-Seichem II treatment
Tools to help with emotional/mental healing
Past Life Inquiries

Reiki Seichem II Workshop 24th March 2024

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