What change has the last couple of years brought. Such challenging times both globally and personally for everyone, me included. 2020 was the worst year, my husband passed away at the beginning of covid, the lockdowns were good for me, as they allowed me to grieve for Mark in peace, without having to worry about seeing clients.

Once the first restrictions were lifted people started having readings again, though now it via media or phone. It was still some time before people would be coming in person again. It was great to see people embracing new technology enabling them to have readings no matter where they were. I really did miss the face to face appointment with my clients.

Then came the second lockdown which seemed to go on forever, this one I didn't handle very well. Like so many others I craved personal contact. It was such a difficult time, but it was also a time of awakening, enlightment and of spiritual and personal growth. As with everything, there is always a silver lining, and this was covid's. Such heart opening on a grand scale was a wonderful thing to see.

It is now time to hold my in-person workshops and I'm so looking forward to meeting all those that are looking to advance their spiritual journey through healing, readings or attending one of my workshops.

The Workshop Calendar has been updated and bookings can be made online or with me directly.

Many blessings to all fellow travellers.
Judy (Andreaya Sol-El)

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