Reiki-Seichem for Psychic Development & Healing

When I am asked “What is the best way to develop my psychic ability?” I say two things, meditation and Reiki. Psychic development relies so much upon trust. Without trust you will always be second guessing your ability as well as Spirit.

This is where Reiki helps. When you are attuned to Reiki, you can feel the energy. Everything is energy, therefore, when you are able to feel it, and others can feel it coming from you, you begin to trust. You are more open to allowing Spirit to guide you through Reiki and before you know it, you are communicating with your Angels and Spirit Guides. Reiki opens you up to the healing rays which also opens you to Spirit communication. You become more relaxed, you surrender and allow, rather than striving for connection.

This is my Reiki-Seichem Workshops’ main aim, for you to find your connection to Source, to channel the pure love energy of Reiki-Seichem to heal yourself and others, and to kick start your Spiritual journey and experience the trust you need to develop your psychic abilities.

Reiki-Seichem I – $150
Reiki-Seichem II – $300 (Prerequisite Reiki I)
Reiki-Seichem I & II $400

Info or bookings: Judy 0414 872 539

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