Intuitive Tarot

Intuitive Tarot Workshop – Read without the book

This workshop is for the beginner, anyone with a basic knowledge of the Tarot or readers who those who would like to hone their skills and learn how to tell the story in a free and flowing manner. Learn how to intuitively read the cards and get so much more from them than just “the book” meaning.

The course outline below is a guide only, the workshops are tailored to students’ abilities and interests. Although all topics are covered in each workshop, Judy’s flexible approach is one of the key aspects to her student’s enjoyment of the learning process.

  • The Basics – Introduction to the Tarot
  • The Major Arcana -The Journey
  • The Minor Arcana – Pentacles
  • The Minor Arcana – Cups
  • The Minor Arcana – Swords
  • The Minor Arcana – Wands
  • The Court Cards
  • Spreads
  • Interpreting a Reading
  • Reading for Others

Students are given the opportunity to read the Tarot with a practical and spiritual approach. You will have fun as you discover how to increase your intuition, create your own spreads and learn what the Tarot means to you.

At the end of the workshop you will hold the tools to confidently read the Tarot for yourself and others.

Topics Covered

Choosing and handling the Deck
Developing your intuition
Preparation for a reading
How to tell the story
The big picture
Special points in a reading
Reversed cards

Workshop includes lunches, afternoon tea and workbook.
Info or Bookings – Judy 0414 872 539

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