The Universe’s Validation

It has been 6 months since moving away from the Mountains and although I love Port Stephens I was feeling very homesick, missing my friends and missing my regular clients.

I knew moving up here was going to bring big change for me with my work but I did not expect the challenge that is has been. Work drying up, workshops cancelled and a general sense of isolation and loneliness had me doubting the decisions I had made, which resulted in a total meltdown last night. A great big thank you to Tracey and Hazel for seeing me through it.

So today I took myself off down to the bay and sat singing light language while gazing out over the beautiful sparkling water of Tanilba Bay. I sat there becoming immersed in the beautiful energy being created by the light language when a young man and his dog came running passed me. I smiled at the young man and as he smiled back his dog came over to me and sat close resting his head on my leg and stayed there. Her guardian had no choice but to come and sit with me as the lovely Bella wasn’t going anywhere. He was amazed at how close she was to me and how quickly she became comfortable with me and a minute or so later Bella laid down on my feet.

I explained to the young man that I had been singing a spiritual song and creating a healing space around me as I was doubting my being here, my direction and wanted to reconnect to the area.

He explained that he too was a spiritual person and talked about what he had been doing and that he was thinking about doing more. It was lovely to have someone to share my doubts with and to just feel validated again.

Bringing Bella and Tommy into my life at just the right moment, having created such a beautiful space and having a dog rush over to share it was the universe’s way of saying, “keep going, it will be alright”.

I know how powerful light language is and today it shifted so much doubt and melancholy, I just know that I need to bring this wonderful healing to people who are struggling with life, ascension, spirituality, whatever….there are no limits.

Many thanks, love and gratitude to Bella, Tommy and God for my validation and sense of renewal.

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